In December 2010 a select group of artist and students embarked on a spontaneous art project. As a tribute to 40 years in service, Bell Primary Schools’ recently demolished Bristol Building featured an art exhibition comprising of site responsive installations by artists Cameron Robbins, Robbie Rowlands, James Carey, Moira Corby, Tanja Milbourne, Rebecca Mayo, and a pasteup collaborative project developed by Anne Atchenson, Ashlea O'Brian with students and guest artists Jason Wade and Karen Lokerse.

With the completion of the new federally funded learning centre Bell Primary Schools ‘portables’ known as the Bristol Building, were demolished. These classrooms had seen generations of children nurtured through their primary years. The exhibition, “Will you miss me when I’m gone?” paid homage to the history and memory of this site allowing past and present students, families and the broader community to experience the building in this important period of transition.

Will you miss me when I'm gone?